Untitled 3D Platformer

Well… I finished it.
This “game” (more like a single level) takes about 5 minutes to finish so feel free to check it and then blame me that it sucks ; )
It’s generic 3D platformer with lasers, spikes, doors, etc. Just basic stuff.
It’s free so download it, finish it, and send me an email that it sucks and you could do this better… Have fun! : )




After downloading unpack ZIP.
Open unpacked folder.
Double click on “Game.exe” to start game.

ALT+F4 to close game (seriously)
W – walk forward
A – strafe left
S – walk backward
D – strafe right
E – interact with RED objects
SPACE – jump
Mouse movement – rotate camera


APU or GPU that supports DirectX 11.
At least 2GB of free space (to unpack ZIP) (ZIP is 745MB and folder with game 1,13GB)

Idk about the rest… Just test it?

Random Screenshots:


This project was a testing ground for me. It showed me basic things I can do and achieve using Unreal Engine and I’m quite happy that I finished it even if I wanted to quit making it as it was… hard. Well, learning new skill is never easy but it’s really rewarding.

So. Most important things I learned from this project:
– I don’t need 8k textures. They take waaaay too much memory and they are not optimized. 2k is absolutely OK.
– It’s easy to make a huge mess with folders and files. It’s extremely hard to change later.
– Deleting unused stuff is a great way of reducing size of final product.
– Trial and error sometimes is a better way of learning than searching for outdated tutorials.
– Bright pixel art looks ugly when combined with realistic graphic.