Constructive criticism is more important than praise.

Listening to constructive criticism will always yield better results than getting constant praise for something you do. It doesn’t matter if it’s a product, blog, videos on YouTube, or service. Being criticized (and drawing conclusions from it) will always push you to create something better.

Let’s say you create a video on YouTube and show it to all your friends. They’ll tell you that it’s great, awesome, and create more. And that’s awesome. Your friends are here to help you but… they are biased forward you. They won’t tell you the full truth about what they think. Or they’ll see video as better than it actually is. So get praise to keep creating as it motivates but don’t fully rely on it.

At one point there will be someone from outside that will test something you created. They will be absolutely critical about everything, they don’t have any bias and can say whatever they want. On YouTube, they will show as people that leave after a couple of seconds or comment “You suck”. And yet sometimes you will get a comment that will say that it’s ok but they would change something. Take notes about what this comment says.

Then ANALYZE it.

If it’s something that you agree with then change it. It’ll help you make the best changes to something you create. If this proposition from the comment is not something that you agree with then simply ignore it for now. If it will come from many different people you might be wrong. Then you need to (at least partially) implement some changes. Maybe not from this comment but you can come with a different approach to the same problem.

Adaption is best way of progression

The market is constantly shifting. It doesn’t matter if it’s YouTube, retail, restaurant, or any other service.
People will want something new that they know.

Yes, I know that this sounds stupid but it’s true. Why do a lot of people buy Apple products (iPhones) every year even tho they are almost the same? Apple just puts a few new features (sometimes something that was available for Android for years) into the system or phone and calls it a day. And yet people still buy it. Why?
People want to be a part of a bigger group so they buy iPhones to be part of Apple’s fandom. But if there would be absolute stagnation people would simply shift to other groups.

Of course, there are also failed adoptions. Like Windows 8. Microsoft decided that it’s a great idea to change the whole UI. They counted that tablets will fully replace PCs (and thank God it was a bad call). But still… people reacted poorly to UI design changes. We wanted something similar and yet something new at the same time. Like what we got from Windows 98 up to Windows Vista. With already good product people want minor changes.

Another poor adoption is game Cube World but as it still boils my blood when I think about it I’ll just leave a link to the video that goes deeper into that topic. But basically, it’s just like the example with Windows 8.

Quality of your creation decide what to do.

So. If you got good quality then all you need to do is make minor changes and add features.
But if your quality is poor then you need to listen to a lot of feedback and make changes pretty quick before everyone starts to ignore you.

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