Running out of ideas? Boost your creativity!

Creativity is a strange thing. It comes and goes whenever it wants. You can get an awesome idea while shopping but when you leave the shop you don’t remember anything about it.
So yeah. WRITE your idea immediately when you get it.

Anyway, today I want to talk about these times when you sit down with a whole purpose to create something. It doesn’t matter if you want to make a script, draw something, or anything else. Sometimes you just can’t.

So how to deal with that?

Basically… You can’t fight it immediately when it happens. But there are a few tips that will help you with it.

First thing that comes to your mind when I want you to get some inspiration probably are books, movies, and music. But if you love just a specific genre of let’s say movies like comedy, drama or horrors then you watch mostly them. But there are a lot of different styles and genres. Like westerns, sci-fi, fantasy, and others. Go and check them because different genres will give you a different look at similar problems. I really recommend stepping outside your comfort zone to test and try different things.

Try new styles of creativity.

But what do I mean by that?

By syles of creativity, I mean something absolutely different but is still based on creativity. Books and movies are different styles of creativity. They exist in parallel and sometimes cross paths but usually stay separate.

I’ll list a few styles just to make you look and discover alone. (With few comments that banish common misconceptions)

  • Books (Well… everyone knows books. There are so many different styles and genres that is hard to not find somthing for youself. Yes, ability to read is necessary)
  • Movies (Not my favorite style but great to see something new or different quickly)
  • Music (Please don’t stop on just listening what’s in the radio, go and discover something nish)
  • TV Shows
  • Manga (there is manga for everyone and on every topic. Yep, even historical.)
  • Anime (No, this are not just cartoons for kids. If you really think that go and watch “Made in Abyss” 🙂 )
  • Games (Ahhh games. So many different styles and posibilities. No, games don’t end up on Call of Duty and GTA. There are simulations, city builders, rythm based games, horrors and many more, go and discover!)
  • Paintings
  • 3D modeling
  • Graffity
  • Wood working
  • Masonery
  • etc…
So step outside your comfort zone!

Try new things, create something different. It won’t be perfect and awesome but it will allow you to get experience in something new and different. It also gives you the possibility to see the whole “art” from a different perspective.

So if you are a 2D artist then how about making some 3D models or creating a few pages of manga?

Leave your home

These were things you can do in your house. If you are like me you love sitting inside your home and not leave but I found out that leaving your home and just going on “adventure” is really boosting your creativity.

You can just go on foot to a place you never were before. Or just drive your car in any direction. Of course, you need to go back sooner or later so please have your phone with GPS and map with you.

I love just driving around without any real target for hours (gasoline prices are killing me tho).

So go ahead, explore. Maybe order a single night in a hotel 200 km away from you to explore over the weekend.

And remember these 3 words:

Create, Test, Experience!

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