Every single Monday is the same.

You wake up, make your favorite coffee and you are quite happy.

Then you realize that it’s Monday. You realize that you have to go to your dead-end job. You realize that you are sill worthless at job market and you have to fight to survive. You realize that you don’t have any special skill or knowledge. You realize that nobody expects anything from you.

That’s why you still wake up and get up every single day. Nobody thinks that you are worth anything. Maybe even you don’t believe in yourself. But you still get up and try new things. Even if you fail most of the times you still get new experience and at one point you will master it. Because everyone starts at point zero. Everyone starts Monday at the same time.

So. Maybe today is that day when you will continue your old project. Or create video for old, abandoned YouTube channel. Now go and do what you must, because you can.

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