Fear of numbers.

In modern world numbers are everywhere. Likes and dislikes, upvoted and downvotes, views, subscriptions, hearts etc.

If you ever tried creating anything on any platform you know this feeling of publishing something, waiting for big boom of views and then… Nothing. Of course you were aware that you cannot just became next big fame after single publication yet you still felt sad. So of course you published more and… Still nothing.

Every time you looked at statistics, numbers showed that nobody care, noone likes, you simply don’t matter.

Even if you had fun while creating a single look at statistics killed this fun. Maybe there was single troll that came and run away yet you cared more about numbers than him.

Or maybe you are amazing creator but numbers from last post got 5% less views so ofc you though something like “Omfg my time ended, I’m useless and whole career is  ruined”.

But numbers are just numbers. They change every day. If you are small creator then why do you even look at them? They won’t provide you any information and will give you dread and anexity from numbers growing painfuly slow. Bigger creators they will get something positive. Informations. Of course they are really important but tell me… Why do you even look at peridot of time that is shorter than month? Only bigger amount of time can give you necessary information.

So… If you are small creator my advice is to not look at ANY statistics. Just do the best content you can make and after 3 months look at them once. If there are any reactions then you are absolutely amazing.

For bigger creators… Just look at them less frequent. You will have better mood and you probably know that your mood affects your content.

Yes. Numbers are scary. But you don’t need to think about them every single time you have some spare time. Spend this time on personal growth or just take a break for a moment. You deserve it.

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