Nobody remembers your fails except you.

We all make mistakes. Sometimes it’s something silly or embarrassing. Sometimes it’s new thing that you tried but failed horribly. But in the end the only one that remembers that thing is you. (and that’s good)

The same rules works in creating anything new and learning any skill. You fail horribly, analyze what went wrong and learn from your mistake. Everyone forgets except for you. You must remember this thing to not make same mistake twice.

Yet you still fear trying new things because people will laugh at your fail or point things that wasn’t perfect. But there lies problem people will only laugh for a moment then forget. Because people care about two things: the greatest thing you created and latest one. Even biggest fans will remember all great things you made and forget not-so-great ones.

Of course you don’t need to believe me. But you can just ask around. If you know any programmer, ask him to show you his first code and you will see fear in his eyes. Painter will tell you that he started from making straight lines. Other artists will also tell you that they started from basics (and fail them).

Okay. You might not have a lot of friends in creative industry. Then simply look at oldest videos of your favorite YouTubers. Most of them made old videos private (because they suck) . But there are still some examples out there like:

  • PewDiePie. His first video ( was bad in quality, story telling basically doesn’t exist etc. Yet he was posting every day and he succeeded. At the time of writing he have 110mil subscribers and 4th biggest channel on YouTube.
  • Linus Sebastian. He started as tech reviewer on NCIX channel (old firm that went bancrut) ( with laugh track and bad jokes. Right now he owns his own company, 8 YouTube channels (around 22,7 mil subscribers in total) and he’s milionair.
  • Devin Nash. (YouTube channel: He started as a Twitch streamer (he was playing League of Legends) for few years without much success. He joined pro league as personal growth coach. Later he made his own team that he sold. Now he runs agency for streamers and content creators that helps them grow faster and personal YouTube channel (currently 127k) with a lot of tips for content creators.

So. They started poorly… But nobody cares. People only looks at them for their greatest and newest accomplishments. So why do you care that you will fail at the beginning? Everyone fails when they start new things. Only thing that matter is to keep learning and polishing your ability. Every time you fail, you learn something new and that’s the key to grow.

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