Stress and your employer.

You love to work under stress all the time, right? No? Yeah, me neither. Stress is great motivator only short term but (usually) your employer don’t care that it’s mentally exhausting.

Have you ever heard “Hey, we are understaffed, could you do something extra for some time until we get someone for this position?” or more often it comes in version We are understaffed you will do this for some time”. If not, you are really lucky one.

But ofc it’s only for some time so it’s no problem, right? So you are doing 110%, stressed AF, just because WE are understaffed and YOU need to pull heroic.

So you waited for this legendary new employee that will come and save you.

Yet you still have to do 110% and slowly get more and more exhausted from stress. But after some time You finally got fed up with this. So you went to your menager and asked for help. He said something about looking for candidates for this spot, that he is proud of you and looked strangely at you after you said that you can’t keep up.

Maybe you asked few times for help. So yeah, of course, one thing changed. Your KPI (Key performance indicators) got updated to include this task in your basic work (of course without any compensation in form of money). Your employer have one employee that work more, and he saves money. And you only get more stress and work.

And then you finally snapped, you quit. We all look for this special employer that will thread us equal and will not overwork us. They do happen and let’s hope that more people like that will start businesses. Maybe you should start one with your knowledge how to not thread people?

Today is sad post about reality of most but I think it’s necessary to say that most of employers don’t give a flying fck about you and how you feel. Sometimes it’s better to quit if there is no hope for help. Be brave, your next employer will be better.

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