Idiots and how to avoid them.

Idiots are everywhere. You know at least one person that is really dumb.

But I don’t mean dumb not in silly way. Nooo… worst possible way. When you talk with this person you feel that your brain cells are dying and he/she is wasting oxygen for talking.

This people exist and you really should avoid them to keep your sanity. Talking with them only waste time, brain power and can only make you lose hope in humanity. Of course sometimes it’s funny to listen when they say something stupid but most of the time they don’t add any value to your life.

Sometimes they are also annoying and persistent. So I’ll give you few advices how to “remove” them from your life. Some ways are rude and moraly grey but sometimes you need to sacrifice something to keep your sanity.

So first let’s talk about how to avoid them in person. Let’s say in work environment. You can’t evoid them completely but you can try to contact them as little as possible.

  • Make excuse that you got something to do and walk away.
  • You can also give him/her something to do. Literally anything. You can even ask him/her to move things from one place to another.
  • You can simply walk away (quickly) or run when you see him /her coming. Running also makes you look like you are in hurry or there is emergency so definitely don’t have time for pointless talks.
  • If he calls you by name from distance you can pretend that you didn’t hear and quickly walk away. If there is an emergency you will know as they will scream louder and run to you.
  • More radical way is to simply tell that person to fuck off. They might get bit angry but after some this they will come back to you (again) with something “Really important” and then you need to say that again…

Okay, this are useful when you have to deal with idiot on everyday basis and can’t change it. But what if you want to ged rid of that retarded “friend” that keeps messaging? It’s usually bit harder and longer term but definitely possible.

  • Mute all notifications from that person and only check once a day if something important happened.
  • Put him on “read” and answer only after few hours and if necessary.
  • Often say “no” to dumb questions and ideas.
  • Make your answers as short and soulless as possible.

This should help you with dealing with annoying idiots. This methods are not best in terms of morality but they actually works (sometimes this is most important thing). Stay sane and see you on Saturday (now 2 posts each week!)

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