Pain is part of the process of growing

Any path of life you can choose will be painful. There will be crossroads without signs where to go. You will find broken bridges, trees fallen across the road, bushes with thorns that grew in the middle of the road. You will be hunted by wolves, bandits, and fake guides that will try to make you resign from finishing your journey.

BUT! There also will be a helpful guide that will show you where to go. You will move with help of footsteps of your predecessors. Your best friends sometimes will help you get up and even he will patch you up. You will make your own tools or get them from a shop that you will encounter. Just to get to your destination in life. Creating something great or becoming master in a particular skill. Sometimes you don’t know where the path leads but there is always an end.

But doesn’t matter if you are the luckiest person on the planet that will get most of his road paved with bricks or the unluckiest one that has to move through tight jungle. For both, there always will be a moment of consideration “Do I even move in the correct direction?” when you fall after tripping. There will be moments that will try to stop you. You might stop on this path because of something. Even if you take
a longer break you always need to move forward.

It doesn’t matter if you want to move through a path of being a painter, musician, programmer, doctor, builder, or anyone else. Learning your skill will always come with pain and embarrassment when you fail at something really simple. Because we are just people and we make mistakes. But we are people and we learn from mistakes. It doesn’t matter how severe mistakes were, we will get new pieces of information from it and learn to not the same mistake twice.

But why do I say that?

Because I’m on this path and tripped many times already. But I can’t stop if I want to proceed with my life goals and plans for the future. Even if I create games like the ones I put on my GitHub (absolute garbage) one day I’ll create a masterpiece. Even if it might take years and dozens of games like Untitled 3D Platformer (that I published today for free), I will finish my path.

And I wish you the same.

Never give up.

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