Setting rules for your style of life is important.

Ahhh rules. The thing that we love and hate (depending on the moment).

Let me give you an example. When you drive a car and see a green light you don’t want to see any other car dashing across your path as they have red light. But when you have red light and there is no other car in sight then you don’t want to comply with the rules.

But you do, you wait on red light and sometimes there is someone who’s really speeding and just goes through his green light. If you wouldn’t comply to rules you could have died here. But you did and you read this post.

Your life should also have set of rules.

That, of course, you set by yourself for yourself. You can also call it a moral compass or give any other name you want to.

Setting up some basic rules can greatly improve future decisions and health. They will be guide for future you from past you.

I know that most people think that with growing older you become more wise etc. But also growing older makes you more corrupt by this world, work and politics.

So setting up basic rules is important to do as soon as possible. Of course you can modify them but you will need to think about it in future.

I cannot make list of rules for you but I can tell you few basic rules I made.

Starting with really basic rules for health care:

  • Brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day.
  • Fast food can be max once a week.

And more complicated, moral ones:

  • Amount of work is always equal to work conditions and amount of money I receive. (worse work conditions and payment == I give less of my energy and brain power in work)
  • Always thread others by their actions and not words.
  • Being old does not give you rights to be a dick. (this will be really important for me in the future, hahaha)
So this is small part of my rules and I highly encourage you to make your own if you didn’t already.

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