Vote with wallet against predatory practices and greed.

Your money and how you spend it have power. You should be careful about what you spend on it.

Sometimes it’s necessary to stop paying for something you don’t agree with. Your money (or rather when you don’t give it them) is only thing that forces companies to change their behavior.

It already happened in past.

Do you remember Gillette’s campaign against ‘Toxic Masculinity’?
Gillette definitely does after losing millions just because they told people what to do (people don’t like when someone tells them what to do).
So ofc they abandoned this campaign and did not make the same mistake.
Links about this topic: LINK1 LINK2

How about film industry?

Movie “Cats” from 2019…
Well, it had a target audience, furry fandom. But trailers looked strange and not interesting so I (and a lot of other people apparently) decided to not go to this movie.
So far there is no information about a similar movie so I guess money decided the fate of this type of movies (for now).

So why the fuck gamers

are still preordering games from billion-dollar companies and are doing surprised face when game comes out unfinished, buggy, and messy?
Like Cyberpunk 2077 or Battlefield 2042.

Why do they still buy annualized franchises that are publishing basically the same product every, single year for the same (big) price?
Like Fifa or Madden

Why do they still support companies that implement loot-boxes (basically gambling) in their games?
Links: Belgium declared “loot boxes” as illegal gambling and Game Theory’s video.

All these billions of dollars are not going to developers that’s for sure (LINK1 LINK2)… I love and hate this industry. I love it as it gave me a lot of great experiences and stories, it allowed me to get new friends worldwide, helped me develop sharp reflex, etc…
But I hate when Big studios threats this industry like a place to grab ALL THE MONEY and don’t give a flying fuck about anything else.

Yeah… it’s a rant and I’m sorry about it. If you are a gamer please, think before purchasing or pre-ordering. Vote with your wallet.

All I can promise is that I’ll try to make best games without retarded and predatory practices.

Results of last week pool:

So yeah, for next month I’ll create and learn as much as I can about 3D Modeling (I’ll share with you results under standard posts every week).
But don’t worry about Music, I’ll also need to learn that in the future as I’ll need to create that for the game. Ofc I’ll also share progress in that topic when I’ll tackle it.

And for now, it’s end and I’ll post again on Wednesday.

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