How money works and hot to earn money.

First I want to clarify things about this post.

No, it’s not “get rich quick scheme”. I will not try to sell you anything like book or course or anything else. Also this is not financial advice. This post is just some flat informations and my ideas on how money works and how to get it.

So… What really is money?

You might think of that as a something you get from your job or work. Or you think of that as something you spend to get things and services. But it’s just small part of what money really represents.

Money is just representation of value.

Everything have its own value. Time, experience, raw materials, emotions, history.

In standard job you get money (value) for your time and experience. The more experience you have the more money will be offered for your time.

Many people think of job as only way of earning money. And most people should stick to just doing a job because it’s simplest form of getting it and it’s fairly safe. It’s least risky option to get your money.

But it’s only one of many ways to earn money.

Everything else requires you to provide some sort of value to other people that they will pay you for.

So let’s use something that many people know as example. Stock market. You give money for stock and in return you get dividends and promise that stock will cost more in the future.

In this example you provide your money (value) for company to invest, in return they give you part of the company (share) as value they provide. They also promise that their investition will make your part of the company more valuable in future.

But this is really slow process of getting money… What if I want to get more money faster?

Then you have to prepare for struggle, a lot of thinking and hard work.

You have to make something that other people will think of as something valuable so they will pay you to get that. It can be anything. Product, service, education, entertainment.

You have to solve problems other people have.

You have to find problem, make a solution and then sell it. I can even give you examples.

Uber: Call transport from any place you want to anywhere you want with knowledge how much you will pay before.

Amazon: A place to find everything and get it to your doorsteps fairly quickly.

YouTube: A place to find entertainment, music, news, tutorials and much more in video format.

All this businesses found a problem or niche that needed to be filled and did that perfectly. Person with entrepreneur mind need to find problems and solutions. Not repeat something that someone already did.

Being an entrepreneur will either make you rich or broke. The risk is high but reward might be worth it.

Of course that’s just really small ammount of possibilities. You can make many different things like make videos on this big platforms to grow and get money that way, you can create products that are better alternatives to already existing ones.

You will have to decide if you want to play safe or risk everything.

Oh last thing. Don’t expect any new business to immediately start big. Things need time, growth and iterations. See you on Saturday when I’ll talk about how education system makes us great workers but poor entrepreneurs.

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