I cannot stand my dead-end job anymore.

Yup, this will be personal rant as I need to post or say it. As I’m still in work I’m just posting it here.

First a bit of background for the story:

I just ended a week long break. I removed my tooth on Monday and needed a 3day break, so ofc they cannot gave me what I asked for and gave me a week break (manager probably though about this as punishment as I’m paid hourly). I didn’t mind too much as I have saving (tbh I was even glad).

So I spend whole week working really hard on my next (or first, depend on how we describe it) game and tasks for my university.

I loved this week, it felt so rewarding even though most of the time I had no idea what I’m doing. This was week full of learning and making a lot of progress. (If you are interested in next 2 weekes I’ll post demo or even project files).

So today I came back to work…

And I literally cannot stand this place. This work doesn’t require more than 2 brain cells and yet some people still fail to do their simple tasks correctly after 3 months of working here. I literally did everything here at least once (even work that menager should do).

So currently I’m standing in one spot, freezing (because who cares about government regulations) and I don’t understand why I even came back to this place. Maybe I’m retarded too.

But I think I’m finally done.

I know that I can do better than that. I have this rare ability: I’m thinking (at least sometimes) and I learn from mistakes.

So my current plan is:

I’ll finish script for level generation from pre-defined rooms in Unreal Engine, post it here as part of my portfolio and I’ll send resume to game dev companies.

Yes. I know that game devs is underpaid but at least I’ll do what I love and I won’t be freezing.

I hope your day is going better.

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